Abortion Culture

Upon discovering she is pregnant, a woman is given a choice. There are minimal regulations to interfere, and in some cases no laws against it whatsoever. These women face intense peer pressure and friendships dissolve due to the social complications of pregnancy in today’s abortion culture. In the current year, where feminists prattle on about equal rights and safe spaces, they force out dissenting opinions from other women on the topic of child rights in order to maintain political power. The tired and racist elderly will be killed off by feminist-backed euthanasia laws, and the children will either be aborted outright or indoctrinated into progressivism to ensure the coming of the Equality Revolution.


What about the average family? They too shall be cast aside and deemed “not as equal” as the rest. Throughout history, men have been heralded as the builders of society and providers for their families; gentlemen and family men. The traditional family structure referred to is the nuclear middle-class working White family that make up the silent majority of North Americans. When all is well, a man and a woman are married and have children together, eventually dying of natural causes while still maintaining a healthy relationship. Now marriage has become a scam; robbing fathers of their children in custody battles and forcing them to pay for a family they don’t get to love and spend their lives with over an “accident” with birth control.


The result of this is an abortion culture on all fronts. The children that survive the onslaught are taught their new “rights” and sent off into the world to spout anti-child propaganda, one day growing up to have an abortion and a dog as a family of their own. Men would rather tell their “girlfriends” to kill the “clump of cells” than live the saddest life of missed opportunities due to female deceipt. Couples put off the stress and financial burden of children until they’re too old and their bodies are no longer glowing with youthfulness.


Why do progressives push for this death culture? They see that our children are waking up to their lies, and so they will lose their stake in the future through them. Their ideology will die with them as they never bothered to have children. They were too busy practicing hedonism and attempting to persuade our children into their cult to have children of their own.

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