I see your virtues and I am not impressed

The traditionally anti-war pacifists on the left have declared war on all Nazis everywhere.
Under the pretense of protesting the disproportionate violence that minorities supposedly face in the United States, progressives of all walks of life have come out in droves to carry out their bloody revolution; simply put, they’re destroying their own cities more quickly. Donning black boots and red bandannas, these brightly coloured anarcho-communist youth are standing up for the globally oppressed with crude signs and are determined to punch every Nazi in the head from behind and unprovoked.
Instead of taking up the noble causes of the past [such as?] that won them their present-day acceptance, these misguided feminist women and their cohorts have abandoned the silent majority in favour of supporting the poor, oppressed minorities within the U.S. On their mission to change what it means to be an American, they have disrespected their past voters with the grotesque charge of “Nazi”(the left’s version of witch). By calling out the silent majority of white people in America and labeling them as Nazis who propagate hate speech, these regressive weasels have set an unstable precedent for their violence. How fashy, indeed…
Now that the current trends on Twitter are showing us what they think as acceptable behavior, we find out just what these people engage in. Take this image for instance:
Yes, how dare this “Nazi” and his Pepe pin promote his hate speech at your tolerance rally in support of beaten and battered minorities. It’s a wonderful world where coprophiliac cucks can be out and proud; while the normal patriotic white American working man has to worry about getting his head cracked open by a traitor with an Antifa flag pole being waved to President Trump’s America nonetheless.

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