The Mendacious Mainstream Media

Almost every time that I see a TV news report, a celebrity giving an opinion, reading an online journals and watch most movies, I see grave distortions of the truth. The spreading of narratives that obscure and downplay the crimes of Muslims and other minorities has given us a culture of violence and hatred against whites, empiricists, Christians and Men. For an example of the media’s lies leading to violence, look no further than the rhetoric of Black Lives Matter and its martyrs, such as Michael “hands up don’t shoot” Brown, James Clark, and Trayvon Martin. Media incitement lead to several riots and a terrorist attack which left 5 innocent cops in Dallas and many more less directly correlated. According to the Global Terrorism Database [1], after Islam, the next-leading ideology behind terrorist activity is communism. But the leftist media refuses to cover dangerous groups like FARC, NAXAL, La Raza, BLM and recently Auntie Fee. And where is the leftist media’s outcry against these groups’ acts of violence, destruction and intimidation.


Aside from inciting violence, they spread false images of the countries in which we live through advertising and programming. To illustrate this, Americans were asked to guess the percentage of Muslims in their country. The average guess was about 17% while the actual value is 1%. For France, the estimate was 31% when the actual percent is 7.5% and in the U.K., the estimates averaged to 15% when it was actually 5.8%.[2] These liars have led Americans to believe that there are twice as many immigrants as there are.[3] Also 2.2% of the U.S. population is Jewish, but Americans thought that as much as 5% of the population was Jewish. If you’ll pardon the anecdote, the most popular show in the U.S. is AMC’s The Walking Dead, now in its seventh season, has 16 main characters and of those 16, 7 or 43.75% are non-white which is decently far off from the reality of 37%. One of the characters is Jewish, making the cast 5.88% jewish or 200% over representational to Jews. There are also 2 gay characters, which is 12.5% of the main characters. In reality, it is only 2% that are gay. The popular TV show Modern Family has had 10 seasons and currently sports 11 main characters with 5 or 45.5% being non-white and 2 or 18% being gay. The exaggerated representation makes the majority white population feel like they are a minority and that their concerns should not come first in their own countries.


I think this is why violence against whites and non-leftists is now acceptable as seen in the violent assault of Richard Spencer. The most marginalized group of whites is the alt-Right. This disillusionment of white men must stop unless they would to see vengeance never witnessed since Carthage.





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