AntiFa Hopefully LARPing About HIV Needles

As of yet unconfirmed rumors are flaring up around the twitter of AntiFa planning to carry HIV infected syringes to protests. Even if this is a hoax, which in my opinion it is; It sends a rather frightening message. In the wake of mass doxings and sporadic assaults on alt right personalities, this seems to ring truly in the ears of the far right who know too well the violent intentions of these far left Unite against fascism types who attack people like Tommy Robinson at academic talks whilst staying silent on the encroaching fascist Islamic theocracy of the East’s threat to Western Civilization. Do they unite against fascism? or as so many have claimed do they now unite against freedom?

The black-clad cowards who encircle and beat innocent people with flag poles only live to intimidate us. You must worship at the altar of “diversity” and deny racial and cultural differences or we will harm you in one way or another. Be it a flagpole, be it losing your job and family, or in this case infecting you with a life-long disease.

Most likely this is simply a rumor put out to scare us from showing our faces, something seem to have quite an issue with judging from their uniform of discount goodwill hoodies and gloves made from Chinese child labor. True or not, this idea being put into the zeitgeist could e devastating to any counter-protests. One could simply poke a “Nazi bigot Trump supporter” with a safety pin and leave them too distraught and worried to even think about participating in any counter-protests for months until the results of their HIV test came back.

The only thing that makes me think this could possibly be real is that AntiFa are all POZ’d as fuck.

Update: has been hacked, possibly in connection with events mentioned above


  1. Unfortunately it is not just a rumor. I’ve had a syringe thrown at me by one of them(luckily it didn’t hit me) This was several years ago but I wouldn’t be surprised if it made a comeback. Also at another protest I was trying to get through a crowd and overheard two of them “Let me know if you see him, I’ll cut my knuckles before I hit him, I have the aids virus” these people are shit and need to be flushed soon. I’ve had a few entanglements with these losers over the years and can safely say that they employ the most cowardly tactics.

  2. It may be prudent to consider putting access guides to “Post-exposure prophylaxis” as part of the circulated information for people going on these protests. To be honest; I can see Hepatitis as being the greater infection risk form these antifa degenerates. HIV-contaminated blood can normally only sustain the live virus for a little under 24hrs once, removed from the body.

    To be clear: “Post-exposure prophylaxis” is not the same thing as this PREP protocol the homosexuals want so they think they can sleep around with dozens of people in a month etc. “Post-exposure prophylaxis” is often taken by Police officers if they get sticked by a drug addict’s needle during an arrest. Large-dose anti-retrovirals are administered for a period of time to wipe out the virus before it can take hold.

    As for antifa planning to do this: Surely it would be considered criminal for attempting to spread a serious communicable-disease.Then again; I’m still waiting for Sessions to do something concrete with the election rioters.

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