Illusion Radio Featuring ARC Media’s Bryden Proctor, Caerulus Rex, and Dr. Illusion!

On this episode, Hank has to leave to handle a business call, but luckily Rex and Faust are on hand to help co-host.

Our special guest is Bryden Proctor, who is here to tell us about his new website, ARCMedia (Alt Right Coalition Media) and to participate in general shit-talking with all of the goys.

I really can’t remember most of what we talked about, because everyone was fucking hammered. So I apologize in advance for really poor show notes.

Bryden: @brydensfunny

Caerulus Rex: @rex_caerulus

Mr. Fox: @PlainFox

The Mistress: @LadyMisogyny

If you wish to contact Doc and are not sure how, please DM the Mistress.

You can find Bryden’s website at or his YouTube channel at Right To Bryden.

Thanks for listening, goys!

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