Why Never Again is Redundant: There Will Never be a Second Holocaust


Never Again.  The well-known motto of the Jewish Defense League.  The Hoover Institution’s Policy Review publication tells the history of this phrase. “According to the great historian of the Holocaust, Raul Hilberg, the phrase “Never Again” first appeared on handmade signs put up by inmates at Buchenwald in April, 1945, shortly after the camp had been liberated by U.S. forces.” It is a phrase trotted out on January 27th every year, International Holocaust Remembrance Day, and it  has begun to draw the ire of certain segments of the population.

The phrase is viewed with suspicion, not because these segments disagree with its explicit premise, but because it so often seems to have an implied object: “Never again… will the Jews suffer a genocide.” It is a clause which whitewashes the rest of history.  The victims of the Holodomor¹ are forgotten; so are those of the Armenian genocide.  The Bosnian Serbs and the Rwandan dead have at least been acknowledged by the mainstream press, albeit without much depth, but so many others are swept under the rug.  The mention of ongoing genocides, or pointing to societies on the brink of becoming openly genocidal, such as the White population of South Africa, is often viewed as tantamount to Crimethink; proof of sinister motive on the part of the speaker.

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  1. Well no shit there can’t be a secound holocaust, as there never was a first one.

    We can however be sure that there WILL be _a_ holocaust, when the jewish devil-worshipers go straight back to the ovens from whence they crawled on the day of the Lord.

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