From Marx to Moldbug, how I came to the Alt Rìght

I am a young man who grew up in England with a family who came from an old labor background, however especially with my father he was slightly socially conservative on a few points, and was fond of tradition.

I found myself being more fiscally liberal than my father and occasionally he would display the odd socially conservative hang-up I remember voicing my disapproval on a few occasions but over all my family and school influences were all entirely liberal until I was 18 years old, by this point I had gone from reading Karl Marx’s Das Capital volumes one and two, The Communist Manifesto and the Poverty of Philosophy and had gone from being a Traditional Marxist to various other forms of Marxism when I signed up for the Venus Project (An ultra left wing resource based economy communist movement) I was as left wing as left wing could be it was actually Nigel Farrage and UKIP’s left wing anti immigration arguments that began to make me question my beliefs, as when I checked his claims on the negative economic impact of immigration I found he was correct. at this point I become more establishment conservative or classical liberal whom disapproved of immigration for entirely left wing reasons. I began to turn from logic to empiricism when I tried checking the natural implications of supposedly sound theories such as international free trade benefits being a natural extension of intranational free trade and when the real world didn’t agree with the theories predictions I found myself unable to adopt any political ideology but essentially wanted to develop a thorough understanding of politics from an objective point of view, steadily using my training in the natural sciences to apply the scientific method to politics.

I identified at this time as an empiricist and focused heavily on economic determinism and egalitarian and individualistic ideals with a kind of civic nationalism, which was the natural result of my stateist economics.
This was until the Rotherham scandal in the UK happened, I saw first hand the kind of anti white hatred that I was used to seeing on the establishment media and in my own community committed on natives by (primarily Pakistani) foreigners. I found that kind of sentiment had been observed across the country, and repeated by key labor officials of good character like Jack Straw, the character of Pakistanis in England and the tribal nature of the crimes against the girls of Rotherham expanded as a network across Britain. I blamed the majority of these factors on Islam and became involved in the anti jihad movement and took an interest in Islam and the battle of civilizations between the east and west, and though I have never been a Christian I then understood the effect of Christianity on our culture and the potential need for it at times.
I found Human Biodiversity through my interest in anthropology and found the research on IQ to be very enlightening, particularly the work of Prof J.Phillip Rhushton at AmRen, which I assumed at the time was a scientific convention. The biological differences between populations and in anthropological groups made me have to re educate myself of genetics and take these claims seriously.

I began to develop a line of thinking around eugenic and dysgenic tendencies and began to think of what I now call the genetic infrastructure (term coined by Libertarian Realist) and I became somewhat of what I could now call a Honda Civic Nationalist (a high IQ nationalist who doesn’t mind people of other high IQ groups of other races that have high IQ’s migrating to my nation) I found the studies on the fact that the further an individual’s score deviated from their populations average IQ the less predictive power the IQ “G” metric actually has. Further more I found the data around the fact that whilst the “G” quantity may vary the remaining psychological traits (such as consciousnesses) gravitated around the individuals populations average “G” score, which was remarkable to see, further more there are numerous other genetic traits such as predisposition to individualism, altruism, introversion, aggression and ingenuity being some of the traits that I had studied and considered important as they seemed to have a large impact in the societies where these confluence of traits varied. This combined with the fact that if we accept all of the genetically somewhat comparable people furthermore populations we would actually be enacting dysgenics on their home nations, reducing the quality of their genetic infrastructure further. This made me think of myself as an ethno-nationalist of sorts.

I watched American Renaissance video’s and Libertarian realists video’s on Youtube and found characters like Richard Spencer and John Derbyshire and eventually found my way to Millennial Woes and his hangouts with alt righter. I began to realize on the alt right other people agreed with several of my rather unconventional determinations on politics from protectionist trade to limiting the electorate,monarchism and government structures in general, these people tended to be of the NRx branch of the alt right but many white nationalists agreed too. I moved away from economic determinism and began to want to find an ideology that takes into consideration the biological infrastructure of a nation and a governance system to compliment it.
On the Alt Right it was interesting to discover that whatever our core beliefs; people on the alt right seemed to share my view in terms of what is actually happening in the world, whereas liberals can’t agree on anything that takes place but all seem to somehow follow the same policies. I realized I fit into this community and many people had stories similar to mine and decided to create an online presence and adopt the alias “Ælle Sussex”.

I made a hangouts channel to match named “Forum Anglorum” which turned out to be relatively popular, hosting alt right figures such as Jez Turner, Millennial Woes and Libertarian Realist and have created a small network of a few dozen people centered around me and my channel whilst linking up with the already established network that was present. It is out of this network that I have asked individuals to describe their experience of discovering the alt right so regular people can hear first hand what the movement is about and what kind of people it’s constituent producers and contributors are. This, however sidetracked it may have become at times was the founding principle of my show, and however sidetracked it may become is the founding principle of ARC Media.


-Ælle Sussex, Editor-in-Chief

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