Baboon Mindset: Why We Believe What We Believe

Political affiliation by IQ, Income, Gender, and Race

Today I’m going to be investigating the political affiliations, incomes, and IQs of different groups in the United States, and what these things mean for the US and western world. First we look at political affiliations by group and the IQs of those groups in comparison with each other, and how the facts play out practically in our world.

Although the country in most elections is about 50-50 between right and left wings, 48% of Americans identify as Democrats, whereas only 39% of Americans identify as Republicans.[1] Of the largest bloc of voters, namely women, 52% are Democrats and 36% are Republicans; of their worse halves, men, 44% are Democrats and 43% are Republicans. Whites affiliate 49% with the Republicans and 40% with the Democrats, Black Americans affiliate 80% with the Democrats and 11% with the Republicans, and Hispanics affiliate 56% with the Democrats and 26% with the Republicans. When it comes to education, people who have no high-school diploma or equivalent are 10% more likely to affiliate with Democrats; among those with some college or with bachelor’s or higher degrees, Republicans close that gap to 5%. The longer somebody spends in college, however, the more likely he is to identify as a Democrat.[1]

But these are just party affiliations. All they prove is that people are less likely to say their party affiliation is Republican; even then, the Republicans won the majority of the votes in 2016. Below is the breakdown of the 2016 results circled in yellow, and 2012 results next to it.


As the graphs show, White men and women tend to be Republican, whereas all other groups tend to be strongly Democrat.  



As for education, Democrats are more educated, more often than Republicans. Many say, “This must mean Democrats are smarter than Republicans,” but this claim does not hold water. There’s been no major conclusive study of any correlation between IQ and political affiliation, but all the evidence shows that centrist and right-wing ideas are for higher-IQ people.

The groups of minorities that vote the most often for the Democrats are also the ones with the lowest IQ. 89% of Black Americans vote Democrat with an average IQ of 85.2; external factors could be, opposition to White Southerners where 54% of Blacks live.

66% of Hispanics vote Democrat, with an IQ of 88.6 external or none IQ factors could be a counter to the more nationalistic Republican Party and pro-open border policies because of the high percentage of immigrant populations in the Hispanic population.

65% of Asians are leftist, with an IQ of 104.3 external factors could be. There are two potential reasons why this is the case. The first and strongest case, I believe, is that different Asians are voting. It was not always the case that Asians voted for Democrats, but quite the opposite.[5] I believe that more recent Filipino, Iraqi, and Vietnamese immigrants vote stronger to the left. Another possible reason is that formerly right-leaning states such as California and Washington, which have large Asian populations, shifted to the left; then, it became futile to vote against the majority party, hence the lackluster voter turnouts at 47.3%.

Finally, Native Americans, of whom 55% are on the left, have an average IQ of 92.8. Their surprisingly moderate political beliefs are perhaps due to the growing Christian communities and nationalist sentiments among Native American communities.

For another example, the 10 smartest states are, in descending order, Massachusetts (104.4), New Hampshire (104.2), North Dakota (103.8), Vermont (103.8), Minnesota (103.7), Maine (103.4), Montana (103.4), Iowa (103.2), Connecticut (103.1), Wisconsin (102.9). Seven of these 10 states went for Trump or nearly did.[3]

We must also look at the relation between wealth levels and IQ.

As you can see, IQ is highly related to the income you will achieve. Middle and upper incomes are directly correlated with right-leaning political preferences.

Finally, we will revisit the biggest voting bloc in the United States, women. In 2006, Canadian scientists conducted a study of about 100,000 people based upon an analysis of SAT scores, which correlate with IQ. The researchers claimed that men had IQs 4–5 points higher than women did.[4] This is not to say women are dull: women typically are right-brain-dominant and more centered on the IQ bell curve, meaning that there are fewer female mental incompetents and geniuses.

Women are generally also more forgiving and nurturing in attitude.

For any of you who have made it this far, I believe we can infer many of the reasons that people have their own worldviews, such as IQ, income, sex, and ethnicity. By using these group instincts and tendencies, we can begin to win the war against the left and dominate the Baboon mindset.








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