What The Left Has Taught Me About White Supremacists

It seems these days, though, that absolutely everyone is a Nazi White Supremacist. Some of these charges are obviously true, as when Pelosi told us that Bannon was a White supremacist. He is obviously an evil man, as he ran the Fascist website Breitbart.com. This website, we all know, was founded by King Nazi himself, Andrew Breitbart, a man who, while Jewish, was such a despicable person that the Nazis took him in anyway: a modern Werner Goldberg if there ever was one. There is also Steve Bannon, whose ex-wife claims he is anti-Semitic. As we all know, no one’s ex-wife would ever lie about him, because women have never lied, not even in the Bible.

Even now that Bannon is working for the White House, Breitbart.com continues to be a safe haven for White supremacism. Recently, violence erupted at UC Berkeley when freedom fighters shut down the gay, Jewish, race-mixing Nazi Milo Yiannopoulos, who is a “White supremacist icon.”  I feel so blindsided by the obvious White supremacy in our society, and it is creeping into every place.

Indeed, the CEO of Under Armour, Kevin Plank, is a rising star in the world of White supremacy. He had the audacity to invest 5.5 billion dollars into the city of Baltimore.  Ryan Dorsey of the Baltimore City Council saw through this smoke screen of “bringing jobs to impoverished areas” for what it really was: colonization. I personally am disgusted with Plank’s plan to bring 25,000 people up to a better standard of living. If creating jobs isn’t White supremacy, I don’t know what is.

Finally, less than a week ago, in Toronto, a brave and stunning young woman stood in the back of a pickup truck and said what we were all thinking: “Justin Trudeau is a White supremacist.”

The Prime Minister of Canada is nothing less than the kingpin of a global effort to enslave Black people. He is clearly doing this by letting thousands of refugees into Canada. On the other hand, Donald Trump is also a White supremacist, because he is refusing to allow refugees into America. If you don’t know why this isn’t a contradiction, you very likely are a White supremacist.

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