No God For White Men ?


I am desperately trying to be a christian. I don’t say that lightly: I believe in God, the validity of the


miracles and sacrifice of Jesus Christ as well as his morals and teachings outlined in the sermon on the


mount. Until recently I was going to a non-denominational church, but I regret to say I no longer can.


The first thing that sent me away from this place was arguably my need for a more traditionalist place


of worship as this was a mega church and embraced more commercialized and very Unitarian


universalist messages in the sermons. I had made friends to a lesser degree there and had


thought that was worth exploring. However, after one event I suppose I’ve just been looking for an


excuse to get away from them. It was at a Sunday night prayer and meet up group and one of the men


their was black and was shouting “black power!” at the top of his lungs. Now this isn’t something that


bothered me partially because I had gotten to know him a bit and was also not offended by someone


taking pride in their race not to mention the fact I knew he had white friends. What truly earned my


disgust at this group was what happened when this same man shouted “white power!” it was clearly an


act of solidarity and trying to show that he liked his white friends. The reaction from the mostly white


and Mexican group? Shock, outrage and horror. I could see the thoughts in their heads “how dare he


say something good about white people” and “doesn’t he know about the nazis” I just don’t have


anytime left for self hating white people. My thoughts go back to an episode of GMWA (Good Morning


White America) where they talked about organizing alt-right Christians into a congregation: I think that


would be a good idea. The other was the sermon during election week of Hillary VS Trump. Now


usually I can understand a church not wanting to take a side on a political issue, but when one of the


candidates is threatening churches with being shut down if they do not comply with cultural marxist


standards of tolerance it is simply unacceptable. Now this isn’t as bad as June of last year when the


Southern Baptist Convention simultaneously discouraged their members from showing the confederate


flag, supported the building of mosques and show cased their loyalty to both gay marriage and Israel, but it speaks to the larger issue of churches trying to become more “progressive” in an effort to get a


larger congregation rather than reinforcing their values and making arguments from both logical and


rationalization stand points in correlation with the disgust the average man sees in his society to grow


their congregation eventually resulting in a smaller congregation and lessened moral in the existing


congregation. The final thing that simply sent me away from this place was that the church group that I


had been part of had become less and less of an exploration of the bible and more and more an excuse


for guys to meet girls, which at a certain point just seemed sacrilegious or immoral. This ties into a


disagreement I have with many men in the alt-right who seem to think that a church is tool to be used


to meet a woman. I believe these men are not doing much for the PUA (pickup artist) and “grown men


who masturbate to anime” (Rick Wilson) stereotype of the Alt-Right. I am still looking for what I want


to see in a church and hope one day to find it. For me this will be a long journey so I want to reach out


to the kind readers or listeners of my blog to share their stories of Christianity as it relates to being alt-


right as it will help both my journey and of course others who face the same problems in the alt-right.


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