Breaking Chad: It’s Not About Me

Some people wonder why my Snapchats and tweets from the gym are usually of other people I lift with. They are almost never about me. When they are it is usually in jest, like my oven jokes.


There are a few reasons for this. Collectively those reasons tell a lot about how I look at life. The smaller, less important reasons are 1) self-awareness and 2) how I perceive other people in the gym.


I’m willing to have lots of people think I’m a douchebag, especially low energy, soy stuffed losers and cucks. Most of these people have been brainwashed by the (((mainstream media))) and as soon as they see my hair cut they make several assumptions.


Okay, most of those assumptions aren’t wrong. HAIL! ✋?


Every time I see somebody taking a selfie in the mirror flexing it makes me think of people THIS guy is making fun of. The “OMG look at me” aspect of most gym posting strikes me as insecure. It usually brings to mind the professional attention whore BS the Kardashians do.


Also, while I’m stronger/bigger than about 90% of the population, that other 10% includes some real freak shows. For example, there is a female Navy nurse on Instagram that has higher PRs than I do in all the Olympic lifts.


The larger reason is that I’m not trying to make it about me.


My message is not “OMG! Look at how glorious I am!!!”


My message isLook at how glorious you can be if you are willing to put in the work!”


As proud as I feel when I set a new PR for myself, I take even more pride when I see someone that I’ve helped succeed.


My primary objective is to lift up others around me. I don’t care about getting 1000 likes on an Instagram post. I care about the 14 words.


While most millennials are completely useless, some can be salvaged. All they need is the right encouragement and someone patient enough to show them the way. This applies to the boys and the girls.


Some of the guys are willing to embrace Chad Nationalism and put the time in. They are capable of the discipline required to become one of us. Men like me have a duty to help them.


Without rehashing the birds and the bees, it’s an objective fact that we cannot achieve the 14 words without doing so.

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