Sticky: The Undoing of Milo Yiannopoulos

We at ARC Media have a reliable source confirming that Rebel Pundit‘s claim that video footage exists of Milo Yiannopoulos in bed with multiple adolescent males after having groomed them with alcohol.

After the Rebel Pundit camera crew observed this they voiced their disapproval of Yiannopoulos’ behavior, giving him an ultimatum to cease providing the youths with alcohol or they would be unable to film the show.

After this ultimatum Yiannopoulos refused to desist with his actions and continued his inappropriate activities with the youths, forcing the camera crew to walk off the set. This should come as little surprise to those familiar with Yianopolous’ depraved nature, he attempted to justify his own sexual molestation on The Joe Rogan Experience 820 by a priest when he was just 14 years old. Not to mention he has spoken about and defended the concept of what he calls the “coming of age relationships” defending what he saw as the benefits of “13 year olds” having sex with “older men,” as seen here.

See Milo talk about his abuse in this link to an unlisted video of his on Youtube

He further claimed that he had not been the victim of an assault and that the priest in question was not at fault. He further then tried to convince Joe Rogan the host that it was nothing strange and quite normal for adults to be attracted to children and tried to get Mr Rogan to agree that 15 year old’s were attractive and there was nothing wrong with finding them so.

How can the right wing movement continue to allow such depraved degenerates to take up large sections of our voice, losing to entry-ism and bellicosity? It’s clear modern media is about the histrionic over the utilitarian, style over substance; since it’s now clear for all to see that Milo Yiannopoulos has no substance.

– Ælle Sussex, Editor-in-Chief




  1. If this is true those camera men were complicit in a crime and should have shared the footage immediately.

  2. Need to fix the image thumbnail on this article so it’s not blank. It will be better for sharing on social media

  3. Lol, the transcript from the joe rogan show milo never mentions what age he was. The fact that they think he was 13 is absurd.

    • He’s defended males as young as 13 being abused and he himself was abused at 14. But you would know that if you clicked on the links or bothered to look it up rather than commenting your baseless factually omissive thoughts. Thanks for reading and have a great day.
      – Ælle Sussex

  4. Proper fascists in the “movement” (bowel?) called this sodomite out from the get go. The tent is shrinking. Step out now before we burn it and you along with it.

  5. Should be a little boy, not a little girl in the STOP THE FAGS graphic. But you can save this one and use it for the STOP THE DYKES series about female pedophiles.

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