The Reactionary Report – Episode 5 – Zucc Me Daddy

Episode 5 – Zucc Me Daddy

**Greetings tradwives and gentlegoyim**

We’re back with another very important, hard-hitting episode — but first a question: Will we ever be wrong?

The cast continues to cover on going developments in our pre-zucced world, the ‘Deep’ State rears it’s head once more solidifying our previous theories, Trump is correct as usual on immigration (wow), another triggering segment of the Anti-White Report, Patton Oswalt still won’t admit he killed his wife, Milo ‘if he cant read, im on my knees’ Yiannopoulos is out for the count and MORE in episode 5 of the Reactionary Report.

Intro – Punished Milo of The Tribe Israel
19:00 – Swedish Woes
34:00 – Poverty doesn’t = crime?..
44:45 – Patton Oswalt names the Jew
48:00 – Trumps Transgender Take-down
54:00 – The Anti-White Report
1:05:00 – Zuccerbergs Vision
1:22:00 – Deep State cont. (we were right)
1:38:00 – McMaster’s Military

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