Perez Defeats Ellison for (((DNC))) Chair

After Donna Brazile finished stumbling through the vote count, the results were in. Señor Tom Perez won in the 2nd round of voting against David Duke endorsed Keith Ellison. [1] Ellison caught fire from the media regarding his opinions on Jews [2] which caused the expected amount of kvetching.

Although Keith is now the deputy chair, a move that is without a doubt to calm the outrage of the “progressive” Democratic base, it begs the question. Why would this hurt Ellison so much? After all the DNC chair campaign was filled with anti-white pro-BLM rhetoric. [3]

There are different rules when it comes to perceived antisemitism versus other forms of bigotry. I knew Ellison never had a chance for this reason. If you, I, or anyone else so much as asks “Why?” we are persona non grata. If he had not allegedly made these comments, he would have won. The DNC embraces Islam more than anyone, and to top it off Ellison is black, a demographic the Democrat establishment desperately want to keep.


The man who made these allegations is Michael Olenick, who appears to be of Jewish descent. It makes sense for Jews and Muslims to dislike one another.  It’s sort of their thing, as sure as the sun will come out tomorrow Jews and Muslims will hate each other. The only problem is one group seems to have much more power in America than the other.

After the exposed corruption of the DNC during 2016, why would we expect anyone who wasn’t ordained by the powers that be to become chair? Perez was fielded as a potential VP pick for Hillary Clinton and endorsed by Barack Obama. Even millennial commie Sam Ronan who received 0 votes called out the DNC for being a rigged system. [4] The pick of Ellison as deputy chair is nothing more than a move to appease the blacks in the DNC. He never had a chance, and has no real power. I’m not the only one to see this.

The real question here is who is in charge? I think more and more people are starting to see.






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