The War Room – Episode 26 – Fascist Anarchist Nationalism (With No Control)

Episode 26 – Fascist Anarchist Nationalism (With No Control)

The official podcast for right-wing veterans. In this episode, the joint chiefs give a small arms review of the Beretta Nano 9mm, analyze the week’s most interesting military news, reach previously unknown levels of misogyny, and proclaim themselves to be insane Fascist Anarchists.

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  1. The S&W M&P Shield 9mm is the most popular carry pistol . The Springfield Armory XDS 9mm is number three with the Glock 19 number two . My guess is that number four is possibly the Glock 43 . These figures come from someone who contacted the Holster makers to get the stats .Read that on an NRA site , can’t find the link right now .
    Right now Springfield Armory has a great Promo package on the XDS , good thru June .

    Ford Motor Company has donated 100 Million Dollars to Black Lives Matter .
    Boycott Ford .

  2. Agreed with the 30.06. Sheild is the top EDC handgun.
    They recently called back some guns, due to accidental discharge possibility (occured when the handgun falls on the floors).

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