Helicopter Mom – Episode 6 – Scones and Stacy Nationalism

Episode 6 – Scones and Stacy Nationalism


Helicopter Mom is a Christian, right wing, and Traditionalist podcast. This episode, Madeleine returns and we have a special recipe of the week segment voiced by the one and only Natt.

We start off talking about the idea of married couples bonding at a gun range before moving on to topics such as interracial crime, rape culture, the war on femininity, transgender kids, the search for truth and the importance of sacrifice, birth control, and vaccines.

The second hour starts off with Rachel’s Principles in Proverbs segment. We discuss what SAHMs actually do, staying fit as a mom, nutrition, diversity and shopping malls, and the indian scourge. Julia gets pretty black pilled before we end the show by discussing researching ancestry.

Helicopter Mom on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-950557217

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