1. Those “Oathkeeper” Cucks had the exact same line of nonsense that every Marxist idiot also parrots .Braindead , sucked up every bit of Jewish indoctrination and are probably the biggest cowards this country has ever spawned . The only thing they ever could attack is a bag of Potato Chips and a Bucket of Ice Cream . The Niggers used to call them Cream Puffs , and with good reason .
    Disgusting wastes just like the Antifa Morons . Funny Antifa hates these Clowns but they all spout the same nonsense .

  2. That Boomer is a cucked Churchian. They have endured 50+ years of cultural programming. They have a deep seated fear of ostracism, and cling to egalitarian theories to abide the Hive. Their theories give them comfort even though reality rarely aligns with them. Good job getting out there. btw: there are some woke Jews who are decent & pro-Euro. But sadly it may only be about 25-30%

    • 25% is pretty high. I’d bet it’s closer to 5%, and that’s probably still high.

      And they still have to go back.

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