The Paranormies Present – Wikileaks: Vault 7 and the CIA

Wikileaks: Vault 7 and the CIA

BREAKING NEWS: This week on the Paranormies we get into the nitty gritty of the developing story coming from Wikileaks: Vault 7, the biggest release of confidential material from the CIA EVER! The CIA has been developing a hacking and cyber warfare infrastructure that can rival and in some cases outdo the NSA’s own Information Technology capabilities. Nothing is safe from CIA spying: smart phones, smart TVs, every operating system with more than 10 users (Windows, Macintosh, likely common distros of Linux), even your car. And the worst part? It’s all declassified. All these cyber weapons and hacking tools are available to any hacker around the world within seconds of its deployment. This story is still developing, but tune it to find out what we know now.

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