Feminists love Muzzies

Why “feminists” seem to tacitly endorse Sharia

There is a perplexing phenomenon of radical feminists being pro-islamization. You see it on twitter, in the media, etc. In fact, the “march for women” was put on by an actual Hijabi. You can’t make this up.

Most on the right, even people I wouldn’t consider cucks, tend to counter signal this endorsement with “Sharia is the real patriarchy” game. A close cousin to DR3, you could call this “SHARP game”. A recent example of this strategy includes the following graphic image:


I don’t doubt that the above imagery is authentic. That really is how women are treated under Sharia. So, as they say on the chans: what do, fam?

I understand why SJW feminists are pro Sharia. I understand why because, when I was a normie, I dated one for over a year.

The short version of why: The above image makes them wet.

This girl I dated back in 2010-2012 was an SJW feminist. She liked me because my super chad hyper-masculinity was attractive, but my LOLbergertarian world view didn’t clash with her priorities (her pet issue was LGBTQXXXXXXXXXXX “rights” and sheeeeit). I liked her because she gave good back scratches and let me do whatever I wanted.

She also gave me my first anecdotal evidence to what has now been made obvious by the popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey. Feminists are mentally ill sexual degenerates, that enjoy physical abuse.

To this day, if she’s had enough vodka, she will admit the best sex she ever had included all of the following:

Being spanked with a leather belt so hard the bruises and cuts took two weeks to heal.
Being slapped on the side of the head so hard it made her vision shake like a rear view mirror when the 12’s hit
Being choked so much she greyed out 3 times

You’re probably wondering how I know that. You’re probably making an assumption about how I know that. And, you’re not wrong.


But wait! There’s more!

The last chick I dated (late 2016) is another example. The first time we met, told me she couldn’t date me because “You’re a racist! You support Trump! You want to ban muslims.” She was one of these neocon evangelicucks that thinks we have to be nice to the muslims because “that’s what Jesus would do” Of course, we ended up dating anyway, because tingles are more powerful than feels.

Oh, btw, she was into choking too. One time the only reason she stopped telling me to choke her harder was because she couldn’t get words out anymore. Her face turned the wrong color, she started going limp.

After she recovered, her first words to me were “why the fuck did you stop? I was about to cum!”
Yes, I know…degenerate.

Whatever, kick me out of the Alt Right if you want to. I’m just the messenger. And the message will be true whether you like it or not:

SHARP game doesn’t work because images like the ones above make feminists wet. Imagine if the reason DR3 game didn’t work because blacks were sexually aroused by being called “niggers” by people like LBJ. Yeah, it’s like that.

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