The 3 Pillars of Retardation

We all have this experience: in private we get someone to agree to all the facts and science regarding race realism, human bio-diversity and gender differences. Then once their in public on twitter or any kind of social media site they become hostile, distant and even demonizing towards you out of a sheer powerful emotional reaction. This is more than emotion. This is a survival instinct. I’m Ardent Rain and these are the three things that stop a person on an instinctive level from excepting and can even make people spit out a red pill.

The first pillar in our reasoning is community. If you were born in the 1980s or earlier in America its not exactly a far stretch to say that on a deep subconscious level you partially understand and partially have a phobia of the social and financial consequences of having these opinions. People have grown up for at least three generations in a world where for having anything close to the opinions presented with in the Altright they are fired, disowned by their family, disowned by their friends, or distanced from their religious communities. With out a community you will eventually succumb to the idea that your social and career opportunities will disappear never to return.

The second pillar in our reasoning is one that no one likes to talk about outside of joking and even then if your a traditional values kind of guy not even then. It’s sex. Anytime race realism is brought up one of the most present thoughts immediately in anyone and I mean anyone’s head regardless of race or gender is “wait, does this mean I can’t get laid as much ?”

Finally the last pillar we will talk about and probably the most obvious is Morality. Regardless of what the movement or the people in it are really like people have been emotionally trained to associate any kind of racial identity, but especially white identity with the highest point of evil. They need to know

they are in the moral right, if they think it really is “gas the kykes race war now!” instead of just an esoteric meme they won’t be interested.

In conclusion you may have noticed something missing from this article, a solution. This is because while these causes are all shared people themselves obviously are unique in their life styles and philosophies. So, I could offer you a thousand different solutions to these problems, but these problems don’t have just one solution. They require a constant and random final solution. That solution is you. By simply talking about red pilling methods in throughout different groups on social media or if your lucky enough in person and then acting out those methods with friends, families and neighbors.

Do you have what it takes to be the final solution ?


– Ardent Rain, Writer

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