Salting the Earth – Episode 25 – Dindu Safari

Episode 25 – Dindu Safari

Caerulus and Vendetta are joined by Michigan goys Fashy Father and Aryan Rudd for a presentation on the Suidlanders, an organization dedicated to saving innocent white lives when South Africa’s experiment with multiculturalism comes to its inevitable end. Vendetta follows up with a red pilling on the Hutu Holohoax (OY VEY IT WAS LITERALLY SIX MILLION). And as always, some really goofy Goofy Media.

This episode brought to you by: Vanguard America

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Suidlanders Homepage (Donations on Lower Right)

Event time and place:

Cadillac Grill 7839 E. 46 1/2 Rd, Cadillac MI

5-9pm April 9th

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