The Syria/Trump White Pill

This week President Donald Trump launched 59 tomahawk missiles at an air field in Syria. This has all been done to death with most of the Alt-Right denouncing Trump entirely. I spent 2 days being absolutely black pilled and depressed. This was exactly what we didn’t want to happen. Was Renegade right? Is Trump a Jewish shill? It sure seems that way although I doubt it was his intention. Renegade is never right, although I’d probably nut on Sinead McCarthys face given the chance.

After going on Illusion Radio and having a total fucking meltdown about how we’re all going to die and how the Jew always wins. I quit all my DM groups and twitter for an evening in a drunken melodramatic hissy fit. Our leader had betrayed us.

Who gives a shit? Yes it’s annoying but it’s our own fault. We memed Donald Trump into being a Jew hating white nationalist. We always knew he wasn’t but it was a magical time when we awakened Kek. I don’t regret the 18+ months I spent ruthlessly campaigning for Trump, playing optics on normie shows (which ultimately blew up in my face to be fair.), losing friends, and having water bottles thrown at me from cars in Hollywood. This isn’t the end.

Donald Trump acted a symbol to empower white people in America and give rise to the far right. Before Trump I thought the only grounds we could ever make would be to slow the decay of the west until after I finally shot myself in my bath tub with Ahmed at my door with a cool clock. However even with this absolute betrayal of his previous stance to stay the fuck out of Syria we’re still growing. The Alt-Right and Alt-Lite are bigger than ever. It is still a net positive. The Daily Stormer is bigger than ever, normie conservatives interact with white nationalists politely and most are open to debate. My goal in the short term is to normalize the ideas of white identity politics. We are almost there, and not thanks to Trump. Trump is a meme, he is the president. He can lose in 2020 and it won’t matter. We already exist in the mainstream.

Later Richard Spencer, Mike Enoch and several of /ourguys/ protested the war in DC. They were met with AntiFa resistance as the police did nothing. This isn’t new but yet another white pill. “Racists” are now associated with the anti-war movement. We are the ones fighting for peace. The ones who refuse to be stomped out by the establishment. This can only go well for us fam. In a world where the “Nazis” are the voice of reason and peace a lot of normies will start to look our way. If they can manage to make it through to memes and to the message we may have a bright future ahead of us.
Going forward I would be cautious and expect more betrayals.

I have been warning people for awhile that Trumps administration will eventually crack down on “white nationalist radicals” sending assault gifs to lying journalist rats. In that way we have to be on alert. This isn’t anything new. The Overton Window may have moved to the right but the political climate is still volatile. This may just be a vain attempt at finding a silver lining in an obviously dark situation but think of it this way. Hillary could be president, and this would have happened anyway. At least now we matter in political discourse. If we keep it up, we’re unstoppable if we do not put our faith into men and instead follow the truth.

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