In Defense of Kyle Chapman (ft. Thomas Jefferson)

This is the first of what will likely be two followup articles to my previous article, “The 3 Pillars of Retardation”, in which I outline the three most common instinctive reasons people reject and even try to reverse their redpill experiences. One of the main points I use is that many people in Western countries have been taught to associate any form of racial identity with evil, especially White identity. This is the psychological enemy we face: something obvious to all of us. No matter how moral or good our cause and even our very tactics, we will perhaps always be held up to that eternal, forced-down-our-throat image of the “Nazi”.

Thus we come to the issue of Kyle Chapman, also known as “Based Stick Man”, who became famous for defending an elderly man from a member of an Antifa (Antifaschistische Aktion) gang that was harassing and attacking Trump supporters at a rally, by promptly bringing down and breaking a stick over the head of one of the Antifa members in mid attack.

Some, including myself, would call Kyle Chapman a hero. Currently, however, he faces a great amount of criticism from the more pro-White and White nationalist people in the alt right for his latest statement on White nationalism, directed toward White nationalists:

To the all the White Nationalist [sic]: The demographics are against you. Even if all non white immigration were stoped [sic], whites would still become a minority in every state 40 years from now. There will not be a white only [sic] land carved out of America. That’s unrealistic. If you care about the future of your children and grandchildren you would advocate American Nationalism. Otherwise your descendants may end up suffering the fate of whites in countries like South Africa and parts Western Europe [sic]

Before we go any further, a quick history lesson in political strategy. Thomas Jefferson was always regarded as a brilliant politician for one main reason: if he didn’t want to talk about something, he didn’t. To this point we will come back later.

First, let’s examine what Mr. Chapman says in his statement, and what he does not say. He states nothing about demographics that anyone who calls himself a White nationalist today does not know. We know that we are being demographically replaced and violently assaulted for our race in Western Europe, South Africa, and America. But the emotional intent of his statement implies that he is a more mainstream man with a mainstream man’s perspective, which obviously includes a great deal of false information on the history of Western Europe, South Africa, and America.

Second, let’s examine the lifestyle choices Mr. Chapman has made. He is currently married to, and has a very young child with, an Asian woman. His emotional state, with which any white nationalist can sympathize, is concerned with protecting his child’s future. As it stands, his child would fit in better in the “Whites will become a minority” version of the future he wants to take place.

Now, if we can logically infer that Kyle Chapman is not magic and therefore cannot tell the rate at which Whites will become racially and culturally conscious in the future, a factor that obviously would greatly determine whether Whites became a minority in America as well as Western Europe or instead a White ethnostate developed anywhere – he cannot tell because, once more, he is not magic – then I think his statement should have been overlooked.

Since certain people have already reacted to what Mr. Chapman said, however, I will leave you with this suggestion: The next time a similar circumstance arises, pull a Thomas Jefferson and talk only about the parts you want to. Control the image to best benefit the movement. The image of Based Stick Man is ours, but Kyle Chapman is not. Instead, to end on a positive note, remember that this mainstream man, who most likely – owing to (((misinformation))) – has the most comic-book opinion of White nationalists as mind-controlling Nazi tigers come from outer space to fight Captain America, was forced into a position in which, to be true to his conscience, he had to fight against our enemies. To do so, he risked legal trouble and separation from his family through jail time. Rejoice, for we are winning, and Kyle Chapman’s actions will always be proof of this whether or not his words reflect it.

– Ardent Rain, Writer

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