Why the Alt-Right Should Embrace Christendom

In the years I have been in the alternative right, I have noticed a remarkable shift. As a 14-year-old kid that had recently linked up with the alt-right, I had the libertarian outlook – and still do. Since then, I’ve noticed the alt-right shift from a religious and heavily Christian group to a considerably atheist group, parallel to the shift that has happened in the United States. I believe this shift is largely because most of the newer alt-righters are from the left and leftists at heart, and therefore much more secular. This is deeply concerning for me as a Protestant Christian, but it should also be concerning for other non-Christians. I believe the right, and Europeans at large, depend on Christianity to be their savior. I’ll tell you why I believe this is so.

Christian resistance to Islam. As you can see from Pew research, White Protestants in America have the lowest tolerance for Muslims at 30%, and agnostics and atheists have the highest rates at 44% and 47% respectively. This trend is pretty solid across all Christian denominations aside from historically Black ones. This also comes with the resistance to the Islamic cultural practices such as child rape and wife-beating.

Christian voting patterns. Pew research also conducted a survey on voting patterns by religion and found that, when it took into account the 7–12% oversampling of Democrats, no major Christian groups were majority liberal. And only Black churches were more liberal than atheists, with only 15% supporting the current right.

So what do Christians vote right for? One is the fight against communism. Christian resistance to communism you can see most clearly demonstrated in South Africa. Of the Whites in South Africa, 87% are Christian and 9% are atheist, in a country that had a winning fight with black communism for many, many years, and eventually sadly lost to it thanks to the overwhelming numbers of blacks in SA. This is a little-known part of world history, rather hidden from sight, deserving an article all to itself; for a historical figure, look no farther than Nelson Mandela. But if you look at the primary countries of origin for these White populations of South Africa, namely the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, both of these countries’ populations are more than 40% atheist or agnostic. As such, they have succumbed to Marxism much more easily.

Wealth. Pew research collected data, by household income, on the wealth levels of different religious affiliations. At first glance, the outcomes are very mixed, with atheist and agnostic households higher up on the list. But once you consider that agnostics and atheists household usually have two parents working, whereas Christian families often have the mom stay home and usually live in cheaper areas, the data mean that most Christians, and especially northern denominations, are more productive are probably making more per job.

Why are those moms staying home and not getting a job? The simple answer is birth rate. In America, the birth rate for Protestants is 2.2; for Mormons, 3.4; for Roman Catholics (largely Hispanic), 2.3; for Jews, 2.0; for atheists and agnostics, an astounding 1.6 and 1.3 respectively.

You may say atheists score higher on IQ tests than many Christian denominations. That’s true, but something you might not be taking into account is the disproportionate numbers of Asians and especially of Jews among atheists, whereas Africans and Hispanics fall into the category of “religious but not certain”. I believe correcting the proportional imbalance balances out the IQ, at least somewhat.

Atheism has, I think, shown its failures in the modern world. It’s dreadfully obvious to me that the West and Europeans, if we are to survive the next 100 years, must return to tradition, must end the degenerate scourge of atheism, must return to Christianity, to faith and the morals that come with it. This may be difficult for some because of the Catholic Church, which has besmirched the name of Christianity and does not follow God’s instructions, but the true followers of God may still meet Saint Peter at the gates of heaven.

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