Butt-Hurt Blacks at WSU Appeal To Jew Over Meme Video

Washington State University a pack of black students were BTFO’d by some Trump supporting students on film. Using the power of bantz and the internet a master pranksman made a video mocking these STI petri dishes. The video in question used the footage of a YouTuber named James Allsup who attends WSU. It was uploaded to some edgy meme page on Facebook and eventually removed for violatin’ community guidelines yo!

Then things actually got entertaining. It was ripped and re-uploaded by Tyisha Brown El, a disgruntled black who may or may not be featured in the video. If anyone can tell the difference please let me know.



As you can see these fat sassy qwaynz were thrown off their debate strategy of yelling “DAT’S RAYCISS!” and waving their hands like they’re filming a Drake video. Not something you would expect from someone with “knowledge beyond yo knowledge.”  I am sure they are used to the libshit white students nodding their heads along with these assertions. These are the pilots of pyramids after all.

This should have been the end of it. However Tyisha Brown El wrote a misspelled email to the president of WSU. I can’t tell if he is actually a Jew or not but I think it’s probably safe to assume that he is.

Kirk H Schulz of course takes the side of these feral beasts by responding via twitter.


The real issue is that money will be spent and lost because of some diversity quotas. Is this really something worth investigating at all? James Allsup has 100,000 subscribers on YouTube. It is extremely likely the author of the short highlights montage doesn’t even attend WSU or even set foot on the campus. For fucks sake I have used clips from Allsups videos and know several who have. Good to know the fine folks at KXLY are on their way from Spokane to Pullman to get the reactions from fat ugly cunts claiming they can’t even study. The pain of “Nine-hunnit years a’ slavery” is quite a distraction. It couldn’t possibly be the time they spent planning their Marxist May Day protests.


I suspect all of this will blow over when the nogs realize the cyber-police don’t care about shit tier meme videos depicting them as the retards that they are, in the meantime though it sure will be fun to watch them get distracted on twitter instead of studying.

UPDATE: (As seen on FreeSpeech.report)

In typical form this anti-white sheboon forgot to delete all of her tweets where she expressed disdain for white people.



  1. And of course these boons are looking to cancel finals because MUH ANXIETY N SSHHHHHEIIITT.
    Typical low-agency bananas.

    BTW, the link to the video is broke. Get a copy of the vidya and mirror it at 1488.cloud

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