Mike Enoch Is Too Scary For Australia

My Australian friends were rather excited about their DingoCon, a gathering of TRS bad goys in Australia. Personally I hate Fosters and boomerangs so I figured the event would be nothing but 25% abo and 75% potato nigger admixture. Seems like a good time.

Apparently Mike Enoch henceforth known as “Mr. Enoch” let slip on The Daily Shoah he was taking a trip to Australia. This was grounds enough for our enemies to connect the obvious fucking dots that DingoCon was his destination.

While this should have been the end of it the kangaroo media picked up the story and ran this:



So that settles it folks. You’re Not really Alt-Right until you’ve become an international threat to multiculturalism.

My prediction is this: They have already run Richard Spencer through the ringer. Next up come Enoch. This is typical media bullshit of building up a celebrity just to tear them down. The difference is they are building up villians, but villians don’t die. Jared Taylor was on Donahue for fucks sake. What will happen is after they’re done with Spencer they will drag “Mr. Enoch” through the ringer the same way, but we have to have another face ready to take that place. We have to have more figures ready to be thrown into the lions den to emerge the leader of the pack. They can’t kill us all.


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