“Dear White People is racist” – Apple

Perhaps they’ve gone too far with ‘Dear White People’ or perhaps it’s just blowing smoke but Apple has responded to complaints.

A bad goy took the time to send some emails their way. I encourage everyone to do the same. If it feels a bit lame and petty. Who cares? It has worked for the commies for ages.



What is surprising is they actually received a response…

“Considering that items like this has an impact on how we are being treated in society.”

“…how we are being treated in society.”

Holy fucking shit. Apple are pro-white now? Nothing like this would fly at Faceberg or Twitter. Believe me, I have tried reporting things to no avail. The only way you can get a dindu in trouble on those platforms is when you get them to call you a retard or a faggot. I have confirmed that these emails are indeed real. I may just have to get an iPhone the next time one of those AntiFa goons breaks my Samsung.



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