Roger Ailes; Dead At 77

Let me first start out by saying Roger Ailes was sort of a piece of shit. I don’t really care about the sexual harassment allegations because I sexually harass women at ARC constantly. Eventually Erica will send me dem tiddies. That being said, he was a pretty amazing fucking guy. If you’re not retarded you guessed from the title of this article that he has died at the age of 77. The first thing I did before pouring a beer was check the news and then proceed to text everyone way too early. I doubt anyone at ARC gives a shit but I do.


Roger Ailes totally changed the TV News landscape and I dare say without his influence sites like ARC may not exist. The sensationalized headlines, the flashy graphics and sounds: that’s FOX News. FOX is/was absolutely a bunch of propaganda. With Ailes stepping down in 2016 because of that ratchet but fuckable cunt Megyn Kelly writing nonsense in her book “Gotcha, I was a ZOG plant all along!” she wrote about him being a creepy old man. What you may be forgetting though is that in a sea of liberal media, FOX came along and balanced it out. FOX went over the top and was proud of it. I didn’t back the war, FOX did, Rupert Murdoch is still an asshole but let’s not forget how masterful Ailes was at building a dream.


Oh, and the dude fucking hated Jews. In 1995 Ailes called David Zaslav “a little Jew prick.” Which is fucking hilarious as well as accurate, much like FOX itself. This is the guy who called people “Left wing rabbis” and got into trouble with the ADL. I mean part of me is angry he likely knew all along and didn’t use his platform to tell everyone but c’mon. So for all his flaws, pour one out for the homie.


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