CNN Declares War On The Internet. (Except It’s The ADL)

So you may have heard the Reddit user HanAssholeSolo was being blackmailed by CNN into stopping his meme production.


These fucking kike run pieces of shit want to bully someone into not opposing them. But who is behind it really?

I spoke briefly of it on Right To Bryden and had a good laugh as CNN claimed the meme was “antisemitic” which sadly it wasn’t. I would have loved to see President Trump tossing those fuckers into an oven tweeted.


(((Who))) would call such a benign and goofy tweet “antisemitic”? Oh of course it’s the fucking Chosen Ones™ at the ADL. As I said on the show before KikeBart referenced this. I didn’t think it would escalate from there but obviously it did.

For more than a year, this Reddit user has violated the platform’s terms of service by posting the type of hate against Muslims, African-Americans, Jews and others that has become all too common both online and offline, according to ADL’s analysis, available here. In fact, the individual posted an image collage of CNN journalists and employees labeling them with a Star of David and writing, “Something strange about CNN…can’t quite put my finger on it…” [original link]

“We have been analyzing the online activities of this individual and found a consistent record of racism, anti-Semitism and bigotry for more than a year on Reddit,” said Jonathan A. Greenblatt, ADL CEO. “This individual traffics in online hatred and at times violent rhetoric, has created an image labeling CNN journalists with Stars of David and has written about stabbing Muslims among other violent rhetoric.

“When those on the fringes of society feel their messaging is getting mainstream attention, that should raise alarms for all Americans across the political spectrum that reject hatred and bigotry,” Greenblatt added. “We must condemn these extremists and keep them on the margins of our society.”


So leave it up to the paranoid hook nosed rats to find the original creator of a benign meme, dig into his history and make it about them. This is exactly how they operate. It couldn’t be for more than a minute we’re not crying over the holohoax.


Yes CNN is run by a bunch of kikes but who’s really behind it? The faggots over at the ADL.



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