White People Don’t Eat Bugs


There has been much to do about the over-consumption of soy products around the internet. Fierce battles between vegans and paleo diets blah blah. It’s all a bunch of dumb bullshit. I don’t particularly care what people eat until now.

Amidst all this soy meme shit about how (((they))) are trying to soften the white male and make him incapable of fighting invading hoards there really is something to worry about.

People are willingly eating fucking bugs.

The disgusting trend first appeared to me in Los Angeles at a burger joint called Way Back Burger. 

I figured it was just some disgusting hidden camera experiment some reality TV kikes had come up with. I mean for fucks sake what kind of sick bastard eats bugs in a milkshake, or the processed cow butt holes that are Slim Jims at all?

This wasn’t the case clearly as I am sure you have all seen it becoming more and more common. There are a few arguments I see white people make to sit back and accept this (who aren’t liberal cunts.) Let me address these before explaining the greater danger of bug consumption.

1. Crickets and other bugs are high in protein.

Fuck you, it’s a cricket you disgusting piece of undignified shit. Are you some 3rd world nog that has to get their protein from their front fucking yard? Look how easy that was to google instead of eating crickets.


2. They taste good.

You’re fucking gross. Don’t eat bugs. This is what brings me to my actual point regarding this sick new habit.



So there it is “amigo.” It’s exactly what I am worried about. The 3rd world fucks are the ones who eat bugs. We’re being told that eating these little things is better for the environment. We all know what a crock of bullshit man made climate change is but the doomsday cult of going green doesn’t see it that way. This is a way to sneak in and groom the unwitting white into eating a 3rd world diet.

Think of it this way, if we’re already eating the disgusting shit they eat it wont seem as strange to your average white American when a fucking creepy crawler restaurant pops up next to his Walgreens will it? If Boomer Joe is willing to be “adventurous” in his dining habits as he ages, so should you young man. Sure he didn’t get fat on a diet of mealworm cake but fuck you.

Once America is flooded with all of this wonderful diversity of cuisine and the zombies at Green Peace have their way you’re going to have to cut down on your food intake. Luckily the mass production of your new bug food will take up less space and require less food for you to eat in a bowl surrounded by fucking pygmies or God knows who else has moved into your neighborhood by that time.

It’s a subversive attack on our traditions.

White people do not eat bugs.

(Unless you’re 8 once on a dare, that’s just between us though don’t tell anybody.)

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  1. We have a Wayback Burger here. The burgers are good, I didn’t know they had bugs on their menu. I know at festivals around here there is a booth rna by a school that sells “bugs”. They call it the “I at a big club” and if you eat one you get s button to wear proudly explaining you ate a bug. The “bugs” are mostly just shells of bugs and stuff put in suckers or smothered in spicy seasoning. I’ve done it once, but for the button and to say I did (hey I was a teen!) but I’d never do it again or for any other reason. Didn’t know this was starting to become a big trend again. Seems pretty disgusting to me.

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