Catfish: Laura Loomer

The walking nose that is Laura Loomer doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. I don’t need to do a bio on her because I am sure you have seen what this kike is all about. She is the one who teamed up with Jack “Fake News” Posobeic to yell at a play in a park in New York so they could collect money via wesearchr. Typical Jew lies and nonsense.

On July 14th ((( writer Ari “The Rat” Feldman had this to say about her.



Skipping over the obvious answer to the question asked by Ari Feldman which is a resounding “Fuck off you hook nosed thief.”

I have a bit of a history with Loomer.

At Unite The Right in DC there was a counter-rally put together by the shit-tier e-celebs of the alt-lite. Donning a pair of glasses (Full disclosure I actually do wear while driving.) and a whining Jew voice I posed as David Frank a journalist for Forward very scared of Nazis and totally infatuated with Laura.



I also ran into the likes of Posobiec, Cernovich and Lucian. It was a pretty pathetic “rally” all in all. After a few minutes my mission was completed so I adjured to the real rally that didn’t smell of latkes.


This probably should have been the end of it. That is until yesterday when another article was posted on Forward.




Look at that bullshit. They didn’t put my twitter name “Actual Racist” they just put my handle. Then note how fucking stupid these kikes are that neither can tell “Leah Goldstein” @JewessGoyim is a fake name and account (now suspended.)

Or it could just be typical Jewish arrogance trying to make her look like some sort of  a bad ass. Oy vey! Try that shit with me Laura. Let’s set up a debate and by the time it’s over you’ll volunteer to take the flight to Israel, cunt.

Being the great guy I am I created an account for David Frank yesterday. @DavidFrankJew


I managed to bait some people, which was fun but I didn’t expect this to happen…




That shekel vacuum actually followed what I think is an obvious parody account. Then again it took some of you a little bit to realize what was going on. The thing that strikes me as funny is Laura is ever so disturbed by these messages. How could this happen, why would a mudslime send her mean messages?


Remember, these people are all garbage. Fuck the Semites.

Let me know what I should DM her while I have the chance.




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