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  1. She doesn’t know what “boycott” means.

    We’re losing to these morons.


    We want to take down Islam? We can even even leave the alt-right out of this. I’m pretty damn sure that Mike Cernovich and Paul Joseph Watson oppose all activities aimed at toppling stable Muslim states. Sometimes when the Jew says “we,” she means “all of you, not me because I’m not really White,” and sometimes when the Jew says “we” she means “only us Jews want this, but you should join in, and by join in, I mean do all the work and spill all the blood.”

    Everyone in the alt-lite who isn’t a Jew HATES this neocon garbage, but here we have it, the aim of The Jew is always to subvert every avenue for the benefit of Jews. Note how even her objection to leftist Jews was “they’re bad for Jews.” Yes, it’s predictable, but it’s still galling.

    This lady is Peak Jew. I bet a short clip-cut with added analysis of the highlights of her Judeocentrism, like her position that Israel should only be for the Jews, while Jews in power over America is good too, would gain some traction.

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