First They Came For The Swastikas….

I have been largely silent after the events in Charlottesville where a nigger and a kike tried to have us all killed. A lot of this has to do with the most innocent Republican site being shut down;

This isn’t a long article, only an account of my experience since then and the backlash it seems to have caused. I see far too much calling for “optics” to sit quietly by. The Jew run media has made a couple attempts to contact ARC after the undeniably stunning success of the event put on by the leader of the alt-right Jason Kessler. After a victory party he tweeted this.




Fuher Kessler is willing to speak with the media, we however are not. Here are my emails with them



Everyone is failing to realize that the alt-right is entirely infiltrated by Jewish federal agents and perhaps lizard people. This call for “optics” is a call to dismantle the one true image of our white America; the swastika. The swastika is an ancient symbol of American pride dating back to the year 0 when Christopher Columbus (a Spanish Jew) invaded the white native people of what is now known as America (or Neo-India). If we let groups like Identity Triangle take down our flag we are no better than the Italians submitting (rightfully so) to the Irish and giving them gnocchi.

Weev even seems to have broken under the pressure and hacked Jason “Kill The Kike” Kesslers account in an attempt to maintain order among the far right.





I encourage every true white American to dismiss these so called “optics” in favor of swastika face tattoos and 1488 banners. We cannot win this until we make the normie realize they cannot be part of our pure white society. Jason Kessler knows this, that is why federal agents like Richard Spencer and Eli Mosley have disavowed (code word for jealous) him. Crowder alone can save us.

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