Some Idiot Threatened To Sue Us.

I am still doing some of the research to make sure I get the entire story with this fellow accurate. However you may have heard that a New York Post photographer threatened to sue ARC over copyright infringement. Not only is it bogus and would never hold up in court. They wanted us to pay $5,000 in addition to taking down the photo.

Clearly this wonderful man doesn’t like the politics of ARC. However I don’t think he understands that the diverse crew of people behind this website are not in the least bit anti-semitic. I myself am a quarter Jewish homosexual dating a black Muslim.

Expect a full story soon. It seems this guy to be a litigation troll. Suing everyone and anyone.

As I said I will be detailing this a bit more as soon as I can assure I get the reporting 100% accurate. There are a lot of cases to read through. If anyone is willing to split some of the work with us I sure would appreciate it.

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